Carla Aranda has been admitted to the University of Heidelberg for her Masters!

AN MSC IN MOLECULAR BIOSCIENCES: A unique opportunity to experience science at some of the top research institutes in Germany.
carla acceptance letter

Carla, a BSc student from our lab, has been awarded a place in the prestigious MSc in Molecular Biosciences programme at University of Heidelberg.

At our lab she has been studying the role of IMPDH2 in various types of cancers, along with our post-doc Marta. Through the months, she has gained a lot of expertise in various molecular and cellular biology techniques and we are confident that she will smash it during her Masters!

“It’s a 2 year master in Heidelberg, the major is on Molecular & Cellular Biology and I will have the chance to do lab stays at places like the DKFZ, ZMBH or EMBL which seems super cool 🥳and only around 35 people get accepted each year so I got really lucky!” – Carla  

Wish you all the best Carla!

Sdelci Lab