our scope

The epigenetic face
of cancer metabolism

We recently described that enzymes of central metabolism can localize on chromatin in cancer cells. The central role of metabolic rewiring during cancer progression is undeniable, but its direct impact on chromatin functions has been poorly investigated. The scope of our research is to dissect the role of enzymatic activities on chromatin, with a particular focus on cancer. 


Our research focuses on a brand-new area of cancer biology and has the potential to uncover novel chromatin-associated metabolic vulnerabilities.

Our approach


We generate chromatin reporters for metabolic enzymes associated to chromatin and we use them in genetic and chemical screens.


Genetic screens allow us to identify functional partners of chromatin associated metabolic enzymes.


Chemical allow us to scout for compounds inhibiting chromat in-associated functions of metabolic.

Chemical screens allow us to scout for compounds inhibiting chromatin-associated functions of metabolic enzymes.

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