Sdelci lab: The new graffiti experts on the block!

the graffiti way:ย after being continually postponed due to covid, we finally went out and put our signature on barcelona!
graffiti completed

(From left to right): Toni, Julia, Chiara, Natalia, Sara, Marta, Savvas, Rito, El Burro

“The graffiti experience was a present from my postdoc boss Stefan Kubicek (CeMM, Vienna) when I left to start my lab at the CRG. Because of the pandemic, we have not had the chance to do it earlier!” 

The graffiti lesson was organised by the BeLocalTours team BeLocalTours company and taught by the fantastic  Burro. The graffiti will remain for a short time in front of the Jardins de Walter Benjamin, near placa Drassanes. 

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