Júlia Urgel (@juliaurgel) chats with Susana Rodríguez (@sosann)

What is life in science like? Júlia shares her experiences and opinions.

The CRG InstaTalks are talks between women scientists from the CRG and influencers to learn first-hand about the research projects of the women scientists, their experiences as women in science, the importance of involving society in research and much more.

Júlia Urgel, researcher at our “The epigenetic face of cancer metabolism” research group of the CRG, spoke with Susana Rodríguez (@sosann), influencer and photographer. They discussed about cancer research performed by Júlia, her experience as a woman in science, rare diseases and many other things.

Check out the Instagram live profile @crgenomica and ask them whatever you want! See the banner below for all other talks as well.

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